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 TV Made Ez - Spring replacement and shim installation guide sheet


Drain the transmission fluid and remove the pan. If you don't have a drain plug, now would be a great time to install one. The sell a very easy to install drain plug kit for $7.50.

 Step 1
With the pan removed, locate the TV lever and bracket assembly held to the valve body assembly by the two bolts. Disconnect the TV cable at the carburetor / fuel injection linkage. Remove the two bolts(circled in red) holding the TV Lever arm and bracket assembly onto the valve body. The TV lever and bracket assembly is indexed over the roll pin.
 Step 2
Remove the roll pin(red arrow)using a pair pliers. Try to not damage the roll pin or lose it as you will be putting it back in once you are finished.  
 Step 3
  You will then need to remove the TV Plunger and the bushing. To do this, simply pull the TV plunger and bushing out. Now remove the old spring. If the TV plunger and bushing prove difficult, you can make the TV plunger act as a slide hammer by simply pushing it all the way in, release it in such a way as to cause it to "snap" back out, repeat this action as necessary until you get it removed.
 Step 4
Slide the new spring that came in your kit, in place of the old one. Replace the TV Plunger and the bushing as they were before. Insert the roll pin, making sure the roll pin lines up with the "slot keyway". Replace the TV lever and bracket assembly. Fill with fluid.  
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